Supply Donation


You can help support the PAM by donating a Wishlist item. These are items that will make our exhibitions and programs even better. These include items such as lightly used office equipment and nitrile gloves. All donations are unrestricted and tax-deductible.

We have a Wish List on If you would like, you can purchase an item or items from this list and have it sent directly to the museum. Thank you for your support!

Needed Supplies


  • Acid-free cardstock (white)


  • Small 3M vacuum with attachments
  • Self-healing large cutting board and rotary cutter



  • Printer Ink: Canon CL-241XL (color) Canon 240XXL (black)
  • Brother genuine Ink&Toner TN-431 Standard, or TN433 High-Yield or TN436 Super High-Yield.
  • Printer paper (white)

Please contact our Operations Director) at 907 451-0037 or at for more information or to make a donation. Thank you!


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