Collection Donations

We are extremely grateful for the generosity of people like you! The museum does not accept unsolicited donations or “drop-offs,” but please send an email or letter, or call the Curator or Collections Manager, and we would be happy to discuss your donation. for more information about donation, please see below.


Q: How do I donate an object to the Museum?

A: All objects offered for donation to the Pioneer Air Museum must be approved by the Collections Manager and Collections Committee. The Collections Manager and Collections Committee will evaluate prospective donations based on criteria supplied from the Museum’s Mission Statement and Collections Management Policy. The Pioneer Air Museum exclusively collects objects pertaining to our mission.

Pioneer Air Museum Mission Statement:

The Mission of the Pioneer Air Museum is to collect, protect, and preserve for educational purposes objects that reflect the history of interior and arctic Alaskan aviation through acquiring, restoring, interpreting, and displaying historically significant objects.

Additionally, the following conditions must be met for a donation to be accepted:

  • The intending donor has legal title to the object and has acquired the object in a proper manner.
  • The intending donor has legal title to the object and has acquired the object in a proper manner.
  • The object has a clearly establish provenance.
  • The object is of a quality, rarity, or intellectual value to support the acquisition.
  • The object does not represent an unacceptable hazard to personnel, or to the collections.
  • An object for which the curator anticipated no foreseeable use for exhibition, research, or education will not be accepted.
  • The object can be adequately cared for and stored.
  • The object does not unnecessarily duplicate items already in the collection.
  • The acquisition of the object does not unduly compete with the collecting areas of other known museums.

Once it is determined that the Museum will accept your object, you will be sent a Deed of Gift. Once signed and returned, the Deed of Gift verifies that you are the owner and that you have transferred ownership and all rights to the object to the Museum.

Q: How will I be acknowledged by the Museum?

A: On your Deed of Gift, you will have the option to designate how you are acknowledged by the Museum. Typically, when objects are used for exhibition, the donor is listed as indicated on the Deed of Gift. The Museum allows, within reason, individual donors to include what they want the credit line to read. This acknowledgement can be used as a credit line in honor or someone else, or may be used to remain Anonymous.

If you have a question that was not answered in the FAQ section, please email our Collections Manager at