Norseman N55555

Kirsten here again, this time introducing the 1943 Noorduyn Norseman.  This aircraft is front and center at the Museum and had quite an adventurous life, and a well deserved retirement here at the Pioneer Air Museum, if I do say so myself.  
The Norseman housed at the Pioneer Air Museum is a Model Noorduym Norseman UC-64AS, built in 1943 by Noorduyn Aircraft Ltd. of Canada.  These planes were introduced in 1935 and designed as a single engine bush plane; interchangeably fitted with wheels, skis, and floats for landing on a multitude of terrain types.  It had a high wing monoplane airframe to facilitate loading and unloading passengers and cargo.  During World War II, it caught the interest of the Royal Canadian Air Force and the United States Army Air Force because of its abilities in rough and rugged Northern environments. 
The model plane at PAM would have been the kind flown for Lend Lease Program of WWII as a search and rescue or utility plane.  This particular aircraft flew for many airline companies, including Island Airways, Inc. (1946-1948) and Alaska Airlines (1956-1961).  In 1192, Doug Solberg of Juneau, AK gave the Norseman to the museum.  The plane had been refurbished in Washington State and flown up to Fairbanks, where it now sits center stage in the museum.  

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  1. Chris Brethwaite Avatar
    Chris Brethwaite

    My dad William Brethwaite owned Norseman N55555 in 1967. He bought it to start an air freight business called Sky Parcel Express operating out of the Albuquerque Sunport. Unfortunately, there was some issue with his business partner, and the business was short lived. I was 12 years old at the time, and though I never got to fly in it with my Dad, I remember sitting in the pilot seat on a number of occasions. My dad passed away in 1976. He would be very pleased to know that his Norseman is now in an aviation museum. Thanks to everybody who played a role in giving it such a great home! One of these days I hope to get up to Fairbanks to see it. I know it’ll bring back some fond memories.

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