Fairchild 24-J/ Pollack Flying Service

LAuthor: Jamie Snyder
            The aircraft is a civilian 1938 plane with N number: “NC20617.” It was produced under ATC 663 and issued October 31, 1937. The plane was rebuilt in April of 1986. The rebuilding of the aircraft included new spars, new wood, and the entire aircraft was covered in Stits process. In addition, the plane was converted to use both McCauley wheels and hydraulic brakes. Also, this aircraft was converted to an –R engine on November 13, 1986 with the installation of a Model 6-440-CS Ranger engine. The Fairchild 24-J “represented an attempt to provide first class transportation to the outlying communities of interior Alaska. This aircraft definitely represents the golden era of bush flying.”

This Fairchild 24-J was donated by Mrs. Dorothy R. Magoffin to the museum in 2000. The aircraft has had several previous owners, other than Mrs. Dorothy R. Magoffin. These previous owners include: Frank V. Pollack, Alaska Star Airlines, Fred Shaw, Joe Vanderpool, William S. Elmore, Thomas Bentley, R. Adkins, Bob Cooper, Virgil Ewing, the Cheechako Flying Club, Dave Philo, and Ellen Paneok. You can read more about Ellen Paneok at our blog here.
The aircraft has had a “colorful operating history.” The aircraft was originally in the stable of Pollack Flying Service in Fairbanks, Alaska and owned by Frank. V. Pollack. The Pollack Flying Service was founded in 1933. Pollack began his flying career with Noel Wien’s Northern Air Transport; flying out of Valdez, Fairbanks, and Nome. Pollack later became the operations manager in Fairbanks and in the 1940s, Pollack’s flying service was purchased by Alaska Star Airlines in 1942 for $125,000. This allowed the company to gain the Fairbanks to Kuskokwim area flying routes.
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