Exhibit Update

​This summer, the interns are hard at work cataloging the collection in addition to working on a special exhibit project with Curator, Pete Haggland.  The interns and the Curator have been working to put together a new small exhibit on Joe Crosson, a significant player in early Alaskan aviation.  It was brought to their attention that a jacket belonging to Joe Crosson was donated to the museum by Larry Ostnes of Fairbanks in 2012.  The envisioned location for the exhibit and jacket is in the section containing the Post and Rogers cross.  It is a fitting space considering Joe Crosson was good friends with Wiley Post and was the one to recover the bodies and plane after the 1935 crash. Crosson also played a significant role in the development of aviation in the Fairbanks area from the 1920s through the 1940s.  The rest of the exhibit area will also be updated.  It will contain four new color and photo panels with informational text regarding early Fairbanks transportation, Post and Rogers, and Joe and Marvel Crosson .  In order to exhibit the jacket properly, the museum will need to construct a custom display case using quality archival material to protect the object in perpetuity while allowing visitors to enjoy the object in connection to the story.  We believe this will greatly add to the quality and information presented as part of the display.  

We’d like to ask our members and other aviation enthusiasts to consider supporting the museum and our exhibit update by donating time in assisting construction or any financial support for this exciting project.  We hope to have this exhibit update installed by the end of the season this summer.  Any and all assistance will be greatly appreciated as we continue to make improvements to the collection, exhibition, and overall experience at the Pioneer Air Museum.   To make donations or inquire about how you can help, please contact our Curator, Pete Haggland at curator@pioneerairmuseum.org or reach us at 907-451-0037.

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